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Fri frakt / Size you!

Strumpbyxa Purple Princess

  • 310 SEK

I lager
  • 60 denier
  • Super Stretchy - passar storlekarna XS till 5XL.
  • Hög kvalitet
  • 86% polyamid og 14% elastan.
  • OEKO-TEX 100
  • Skontvätt, helst i tvättpåse


3D is a term that covers a special form of nylon  (polyamide) that is much more elastic than what you know from ordinary  nylon stockings. A 3D sock has the lycra knitted into every stitch, in  every row, which gives the high elasticity and good  fit, which follows the body and at the same time gives a very durable  sock. This means that you can wear the stocking for longer than a  similar 2D stocking.

The stocking doesn't run - then you want to cut the foot  off and use it as leggings - then it won't run - but just rolls a bit.  If a nail in a shoe, for example, has worn a hole on the tip of the toe,  don't worry but extend the sock's use without  feet in it.


Like all our other products, our socks are Oeko-tex certified.


Denier indicates the thickness and tightness of the  pantyhose. A high denier equals thick and tight tights, while a low  denier, such as 20, is equal to a thin and light pantyhose.


Our stockings are available in 4 sizes and can fit girls  in size approx. 34-52. The socks are size marked as S/M, M/L, L/XL and  2XL/3XL - so don't get confused when we write that they can fit a size  34-52. Choose a size based on your waist measurement  and leg length.


At the top, the stockings are made with a ribbed edge,  which is very elastic and does not roll. This makes the stocking extra  snug.